A Brief People's History of QAnon

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Amanda Morton


Let's do a brief people's history of QAnon, which may help you understand which "generation" of QAnon is influencing your loved one.

Take note of the month and year you first noticed them going down the rabbit hole.

October 2017 - First Q post on 4chan

November 2017 - Q moves to 8chan

December 2017 - First mention of Q on Facebook (?)

January 2018 - Q moves to 8chan. Widely believed to be the moment Jim and Ron Watkins took control of the Q account.
Alex Jones and conspiracy godfather Jerome Corsi start talking about Q, launching it from total obscurity to some fringe brand recognition

May 2018 - Alex Jones and QAnon have a falling out. Q writes a post about "paytriots" and Alex Jones starts attacking Q as "compromised."

November 2019 - 3 different mass shooters posted their livestreams or manifestos on 8chan in 2019, claiming a total of 75 innocent lives.
After 23 were killed in El Paso, 8chan was shut down.

Q did not post anywhere else during this time.


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Morton, Amanda. A Brief People’s History of QAnon. 20 Oct. 2023.


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Amanda Morton

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If you're wondering why your loved one fell down the rabbit hole, consider the massive growth of the QAnon movement. It's possible to have no idea who Q is but still fully believe every aspect of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

This is because Q himself was an unstable presence on "the chans"--4chan, 8chan, and later 8kun.

Then a wave of aggregator sites made it easy for true believers to access just Q content.

Then QAnon spread to Facebook, where it started to co-opt "Save the Children" messaging.

Q went silent for 2 years, between the November 2020 election and mid-terms in 2022. Q's 2 year absence while the literal Storm was happening (election, claims of election fraud, January 6 Capitol attack) demonstrates that the movement grows without Q's involvement.

Q abandoned his followers for nearly 2 years while they fought and went to jail for him. Loyalty to Q only works one way--Q demands utmost loyalty and commitment, but abandons the cause whenever he feels like it.