When QAnon Prophecy Fails

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Alexander Nicaise


Now that the QAnon group’s most important prophecy has failed, will they become disillusioned, more committed, or neither?

“Those supporters for whom QAnon became central to their very identity will most likely double down and become even more committed to the cause”

Although Alex Jones has been banned from many platforms and most of the false flag videos have been removed from YouTube, the mental habit of embracing conspiracy theories and of denying any damaging event has gone mainstream.

When there is no solid grounding in truth, any inconvenient fact can be explained away. QAnon followers have endured numerous failed prophecies, but many believers will have no problem using motivated reasoning to rationalize these disappointments. The theory of cognitive dissonance suggests that some members will endure and even become more committed to their cause—the question is, how many?


Skeptical Inquirer

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Nicaise, Alexander. When QAnon Prophecy Fails | Skeptical Inquirer. 15 Feb. 2021, https://skepticalinquirer.org/exclusive/when-qanon-prophecy-fails/.


Conspiracy Theories


Amanda Morton

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This article was written shortly after the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol. They also incorrectly state that Q had no platform to post after December 2020.

The actual timeline of events:

October 2017 - First Q post on 4chan

November 2017 - Q moves to 8chan
December 2017 - First mention of Q on Facebook

January 2018 - Q moves to 8chan. Widely believed to be the moment Jim and Ron Watkins took control of the Q account.

Alex Jones starts talking about Q, launching it from total obscurity to national

November 2019 - 3 different mass shooters posted their livestreams or manifestos on 8chan in 2019, claiming a total of 75 innocent lives.

After 23 were killed in El Paso, 8chan was shut down.

November 2019 - Jim Watkins, Ron Watkins, and Nicolas Lim launch 8kun, where Q authenticates himself and continues posting

December 8, 2020 - One day prior to the national election results being certified, Q begins a silence that will last for nearly 2 years. Meanwhile, the much-promised Storm seemingly happens while he's gone.

January 6, 2021 - QAnon supporters join the Proud Boys, III%ers and other white supremacist militia to storm the Capitol building in order to disrupt the counting of Electoral College votes.

June 2022 - Q suddenly starts posting again, conveniently ignoring that the Storm came, went, failed, and nearly 1000 insurrectionists would end up facing charges or going to prison.

Q abandoned his followers when they needed him the most.